Rainbow Cat Keyboard Theme

Rainbow Cat Keyboard Theme version history

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Version 7.1.5_0412
Updated 1 month ago
Changelog 1. Optimized application performance and loading speed.
2. Solved experience bug(some users could not download keyboard engine).
3. Optimized application interface interaction, better visual appearance, easier operation and faster typing.
Version 1.0 (23 variants)
Updated 3 years ago
Changelog Twinkle Rainbow Cat keyboard theme new designs update
⠐A large number keyboard themes for free .
⠐Twinkle Rainbow Cat keyboard theme with Twinkle Rainbow Cat emojis and cool fonts for free.
⠐Awesome TOP HOT themes with more fancy emojis and new stickers free now.
⠐Optimized homepage visual interaction.
⠐Optimized the startup speed.
⠐Improved stability and bug fixes.