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Tree Chopper Idle APK

1.0.10 FreeIGF Studio ⇣ Download APK (48.46 MB)

Tree Chopper Idle chop down tree earn coins and upgrade your axe

What's Tree Chopper Idle APK?

Tree Chopper Idle is a app for Android, It's developed by IGF Studio author.
First released on google play in 2 weeks ago and latest version released in 1 week ago.
This app has 116 download times on Google play
This product is an app in Simulation category. More infomartion of Tree Chopper Idle on google play
Tree Chopper Idle: The Unbeatable Idle Adventure You've Been Waiting For! 🌳🪓
Welcome to Tree Chopper Idle, the enthralling idle game that makes woodcutting an epic adventure! As you take control of an axe-wielding tower, your mission is to chop down trees, battle extraordinary boss trees, fight off spooky skeletons, and collect riches beyond your wildest imagination.

Elevate Your Gameplay With Upgrades! 🛠️
Axe Power: Start your journey with a humble wooden axe. Cut down trees, earn coins, and invest in metal, silver, and even golden axes. The sharper your axe, the quicker you'll conquer the forest!

Fire Rate: Why settle for a single chop when you can send out a flurry of axes? Boost your fire rate to chop trees at an unparalleled speed. Time is money, and in Tree Chopper Idle, every second count!

Tree Value: Not all trees are created equal. Enhance the value of the trees in your forest for more substantial rewards. Turn those ordinary pines into towering redwoods worth a small fortune!

Face Off Against Boss Trees and Spooky Skeletons! 👻
Boss Trees: As you progress, you'll encounter towering boss trees. These titans of the timberland will test your mettle. You'll need strategy and power to bring them down, but the rewards are astronomical!

Skeleton Surprises: Just when you think it's all about lumber, skeletons pop out of the trees! Defeat these creepy creatures with your trusty axes and even earn special bones as currency for unique upgrades!

Engage in Competitive Tournaments 🏆
The forest is vast, but you're not alone. Compete in adrenaline-pumping tournaments against other lumberjacks around the world. Show off your skills, climb the leaderboard, and take home coveted prizes, including special books!

Unlock Skills With Special Books 📚
Speaking of books, Tree Chopper Idle introduces a unique skill system unlocked through special books. Earn these books through tournament victories, in-game events, or exclusive in-game purchases. Each book unlocks a unique skill, such as:

Lumberjack's Fury: Double your axe speed and power for 30 seconds.
Tree Whisperer: Increase the value of trees for a limited time.
Skeleton Scare: Scare away skeletons, making your chopping uninterrupted.
Why Tree Chopper Idle? 🌟
Easy to Start, Hard to Put Down
The game is designed to offer a simple yet engaging experience. With idle gameplay, your tower keeps chopping even when you're not around. Log back in to collect your earnings and plan your next big upgrade!
We believe in offering a game that's accessible to everyone. That's why Tree Chopper Idle is completely free to play. While we do offer in-app purchases for those who wish to accelerate their progress, the entire game is enjoyable without spending a penny.

The vibrant graphics, cheerful background music, and simple gameplay make Tree Chopper Idle a game for players of all ages. It's a perfect game to enjoy with your family, providing endless hours of fun and entertainment.