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What's The Fifth Emperor APK?

The Fifth Emperor is a app for Android, It's developed by amz inc author.
First released on google play in 3 years ago and latest version released in 3 years ago.
This app has 0 download times on Google play and rated as 5.00 stars with 2 rated times.
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Brief introduction:
"One Piece: Fifth emperor" is a card game masterpiece, the game with the world's first superhuman animation "One Piece" as the theme, with the Q style with the new and diverse style of play, the use of new mode of combat, strictly follow the "One Piece" story development lines, super high level of reproduction of the original world of the pirate, tour of the original world, tour The delicacy of the scene and the cool fighting skills are comparable to the client's online games, allowing players to enjoy the pleasure of the Great Voyage in the rich and colorful anime world! "", open your adventurous voyage.
Basic system
"One Piece: Fifth emperor" equipment is divided into A, B, C, D four qualities, and also divided into weapons, armor and accessories to increase the attack, defense, blood, the same parts of the equipment can only wear one. Equipment can be strengthened by raising the level, and the corresponding capabilities will rise.
Equipment acquisition:
The equipment can be obtained by sailing through the checkpoints, opening the boxes and recharging activities.
Equipment grade:
Strengthening can improve the level of equipment, the higher the higher the need for the more Berri, the higher the higher the corresponding improvement, the level of equipment and their own strength.
Equipment quality:
The equipment has four qualities such as A, B, C and D. The higher a class is, the higher the quality, the more the attributes obtained after the intensification. The more difficult and the increased strength the higher the quality of the equipment is.
When the player reaches 5 levels, the duel system will automatically turn on. Each player has 4 free duels a day. In the duel field, you will see the 5 maze of mazes that the system lists before you, and choose one of them to challenge and win, not only to gain a certain prestige and experience value rewards, but also to exchange your rankings with him. If failure does not matter, there will be no loss and ranking will not change.

If the number of challenges is used up, you want to continue the challenge, you can use the challenge to increase the number of challenges, a challenge can increase the number of challenges 3 times, the challenge of the book is sold in the game mall, a 28 diamond, not very expensive.

According to the player's current ranking in the duel, the system will give players certain bonus points every 10 minutes, ranking high, and the more points. Duel points can be used to exchange potential drugs. The exchange rate is 1000:5, that is, 100 points can be exchanged for 5 potential agents. Moreover, when players ranked 1000, 500, 200, 100 and 50 for the first time, they could receive 300 additional potency bonus. If you are strong enough to reach 10 or even first place, you can get 600 potency bonus.
The name of the Pirate Group: that is, the player first enters the role name of the game, and in the game, the player can also modify the name of the Pirate Group through the "blank pirate flag".

The rank of the pirate regiment is the level of the player, which directly affects the rank of the crew and the level of equipment enhancement. The class of crew and equipment can be enhanced by 3 times the rank of the pirate regiment.

Prestige: prestige is somewhat like the experience value of traditional games in China, mainly used to enhance the rank of the pirate regiment. Mainly through long-distance voyage, adventure, Duel and so on.

The number of members in the team: the captain's rating directly affects the number of crew members who can be served at the same time, 1 Level 2, 2 3.

Diamond: the commercial currency in the game is mainly used to buy goods and recruit sailors. It is mainly obtained through Renminbi recharge, and a certain Diamond Award will also be obtained from player level promotion.
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