Solace LGBT

Solace LGBT version history

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Version 1.6
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog - Push Notifications
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
Version 1.2
Updated 2 years ago
Changelog Fixed minor bugs.
Version 1.0
Updated 2 years ago
Changelog This release is a first version of the app where you can see the entire functionality of it.
Bugs were fixed.
Version 4.9
Updated 4 days ago
Changelog Bugfixes
Version 4.5
Updated 4 weeks ago
Changelog Minor updates
Version 3.4
Updated 10 months ago
Changelog We’ve updated the home screen to include information about our next app, Bliss. Some goals may now show a cost associated with it that may be required to achieve those goals.
Version 3.0
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog We’ve updated the Solace Plus screen to better represent all the offerings and future developments of that program! Solace has new affirmations and an expanded vocabulary! We’ve updated our P-Tags to create more dynamic and natural language within the app for our users based on their pronouns. And, we finally alphabetized the goal pages to make it easier to browse and find new resources.
Version 2.8
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog Introducing Solace Plus. Find it on your home screen.

With Solace Plus, each month you’ll get a small package containing a gift card from clothing stores, cosmetics companies, and online services relevant to your transition, as well as a specific goal from Solace which that month’s reward can help you accomplish. Whether it’s picking your name, updating your wardrobe, or a myriad of other goals, Solace Plus helps keep you on track and accountable like never before.
Version 2.3
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog Introducing Child Mode