Gainr version history

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Version 1.2
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog 1. Location service is enabled to show you the temporary rental deals close to your area.
2. No more repeat back functions, Click on Logo to land in homepage
3. Easy UI for Profile creations.
4. Ad posts sorting options with more added status.
5. Minor bugs are fixed along with beautification touches.
Version 1.1
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog 1. Crop, Rotate and beautify the photos you upload
2. Communication tab is enabled to update you about the Ad post and it's the scope of improvement.
3. Minor Bug fixes and improvements were done for flowless user experience.
Version 2.9 (2 variants)
Updated 4 months ago
Changelog We keep updating Gainr to provide a flawless browsing experience to users. We are now with the same. Though you may not note the mild touches on UX/UI it means a lot to us since we strive for perfection. Thanks for being part of Gainr.
Version 2.8 (3 variants)
Updated 5 months ago
Changelog We keep checking every possible way to fine tune the App.
We would like to thank our users who write to us about the facilities they need. Though it may be little corrections we take care with the same concern.
All those tiny little things are implemented and rolling out in this version.
We assure our users that we will keep working to maintain your online space neat and tidy.
We wish all great prosperity.
Version 2.7 (3 variants)
Updated 8 months ago
Changelog 1. Ratings and Reviews module is rolled out. #TimetoRate.
2. Every Product or Service can be rated as Good, Average & Bad according to the Hirer experience.
3. Ratings will be displayed to all users and Reviews will be accessible only to the appropriate user whose Ad received the review.
4. Every registered user has the right to edit and modify the Ratings & Reviews they did in past.
5. Average Ratings will be displayed based on the rating history.
6. Usual fine tweaks in UX/UI
Version 2.6
Updated 9 months ago
Changelog 1. Slowr Transforming as 'Gainr". Yes. It is time to gain from your idle products and idle time. #beGainr.
2. All the "Need Ads" will expire in 7 days since we assume your requirement is incidental.
3. You can pick your city for a faster browsing experience and you will also be shown relevant Ads from near cities if your city doesn't have that product or service.
4. "Share Gainr" with your contacts with a single click and let them Gain too.
5. As usual did better tweaks to improve UX/UI.
Version 2.5 (2 variants)
Updated 11 months ago
Changelog The Prosper pages are given with internal swipe functionality. It is user friendly and reduces clicks.

The global search is made quite logical to find product or Services Ads you look for.

Offer & Need Ads are marked with notable differences.

A lot of micro touches in every module for a perfect surfing experience.

Our entire crew always do search for bugs and end-up finding very few, fixed the same. We request you write to [email protected] if you even find a tiny glitch. We bet you won't!
Version 2.1 (3 variants)
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog 1. Your Dashboard will give you more insights, find how many clients visited your prosper page in a single click.
2. Easy post Ad functions from two more sources.
3. Provision to enter State and City enabled for B2B GST billing.
4. Finding your favourite Fancy ID is available now with easy options.
5. Grab fitness equipment of your choice. The "Fitness Equipment" category now having monthly rental options too.
6. The best in class UX/UI touches.