Reasonable Faith

Reasonable Faith version history

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Version 6.0.1
Updated 1 month ago
Changelog - Continue playing where you left off on videos and other media
- Easier access to your account
- Easier access to Notes, Downloads, and more
- Bug fixes and performance improvements
Version 5.21.2
Updated 2 months ago
Changelog - Messaging users can report content and other users to their administrators
- Groups can require manager approval to join
- Misc. bug fixes and improvements
Version 5.20.4
Updated 6 months ago
Changelog - Search and filter Groups through an improved "Discover" page found in Messaging
- Misc. bug fixes and improvements
Version 5.19.0 (2 variants)
Updated 9 months ago
Changelog Misc. bug fixes and improvements.
Version 5.18.1
Updated 11 months ago
Changelog Misc. bug fixes and improvements.
Version 5.17.0
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog Misc. bug fixes and improvements.
Version 5.6.0
Updated 2 years ago
Changelog New in Messaging (if enabled):
- You can now react to messages with suggested emoji!
- Sending links will now generate previews

- Subsplash Live events will now autoplay when the countdown ends
- Misc. improvements to the media player for Live events
- Layout improvements to media detail on small screens

- Fixed an issue causing the app to crash when opening notifications
- Fixed an issue in Messaging where some names were not appearing in the people search
- Other misc fixes
Version 5.2.0
Updated 3 years ago
Changelog We're always adding new features and fixing bugs!
New on Subsplash Messaging (if enabled by your app administrator)
- The label "channel owner" is now "channel manager" to better reflect the role these people play in a group or team. And, we've listed them in details screen.
- Managers can delete messages
- Managers can add and remove other managers for a channel
- Images: tap for full screen or download
- Edit previously sent messages
- Improved GIFs
Resolved google cast media playback bug
Version 3.7.5
Updated 4 years ago
Changelog - Looking for messages on a specific topic? Introducing media search!
- Playing audio and video is now a combined experience: seamlessly switch between audio and video by tapping the action menu
- Numerous bug fixes and optimizations for Android 8
Version 3.6.0
Updated 5 years ago
Changelog New in 3.6.0

- UI improvements

New in 3.5.0

- Note-taking is here! Jot down your thoughts on-the-go, directly in the app. You can create a note via the app menu, or by tapping the “Take a Note” button on media in the app. Your notes will sync across devices, and you can easily browse previous notes you’ve taken from the app menu.