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Rainbow Wallpapers APK

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4K, HD, HQ rainbow wallpapers, vertical backgrounds

What's Rainbow Wallpapers APK?

Rainbow Wallpapers is a app for Android, It's developed by bloodygorgeous author.
First released on google play in 6 months ago and latest version released in 1 month ago.
This app has 3.1K download times on Google play
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What is a rainbow, and how is it formed? How do double and quadruple rainbows occur?
Rainbows are an interesting atmospheric phenomenon known to each of us and intrigued by many of us. But more interesting than a single rainbow are double or even quadruple rainbows!

As you know, and as we explained in our previous image, a rainbow is a light phenomenon that occurs due to the separation of the sunlight into all its colors by the prism effect, which enters the raindrops at a certain angle. Because this angle is usually a single angle, we almost always see a single rainbow in the sky. However, sometimes under certain weather conditions, the light reflected from that angle is scattered, scattered again, and reaches our eyes again from another suitable angle. In this case, two images of the same rainbow are formed. This is called a "double rainbow." Technically there is one rainbow; however, two copies of that rainbow appear in the sky.

It is practically impossible to photograph a quadruple rainbow. Because within the framework of the event mentioned above, each time the light is refracted and reflected again, it loses its color essentially. That's why the outer side is very faint from the binary rainbow you'll see in the photos because it does not consist of direct sun rays. You can think of it as a reflection of a reflection. So how then was a quadruple rainbow photographed?

People see different colored stripes in a rainbow, but a rainbow is a continuous spectrum of colors in reality. Colored stripes are a product of human "color vision" - the way we as a species see color. The hardware of our eyes and brain makes sense of the world in a certain way, and the rainbow bands show this.

We can all see a rainbow when one appears, but no one sees the same rainbow. It is because what you see is an optical illusion that exists depending on where you are looking. Rainbows look different to every eye that looks at them.

Please choose your desired rainbow wallpaper and set it as a lock screen or home screen to give your phone an outstanding appearance.

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