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Version 1.2.1 (2 variants)
Updated 5 days ago
Changelog NEW GAME: Solitaire
Version 1.2.0 (2 variants)
Updated 1 month ago
Changelog General bug fixes
Version 1.1.9 (2 variants)
Updated 2 months ago
Changelog NEW GAME:

- Reduced the frequency of “Use hint if stuck” message
- General improvements
Version 1.1.8 (2 variants)
Updated 2 months ago
Changelog - Fixed issues with the top part of the screen not being visible on some devices
- Improvements and rule clarifications in Color Link and Cross Sum
- Various small bug fixes
Version 1.1.7 (2 variants)
Updated 3 months ago
Changelog - Improvements in the level selection screen
- Added completed levels percentage bar
- General bug fixes and improvements
Version 1.1.6 (2 variants)
Updated 5 months ago
Changelog NEW FEATURE: Daily Page
Add the games you want to play daily to the daily page for a better overview of solved games.

NEW FEATURE: Game reordering
Tap and drag the reorder icon on the games in Home screen to reorder them.

- Fixes and improvements

- Word definitions: tap on a word to see it's definition
- Fixed: some letters incorrectly marked with orange when there are more instances of the letter in the guess than in the hidden word
Version 1.1.5 (3 variants)
Updated 5 months ago
Changelog New Game:
(*Any issues with words not being recognized as valid are now fixed)

Word Connect:
Fixed: game not working on some devices.
Version 1.1.4 (2 variants)
Updated 5 months ago
Changelog New Game:

Word Connect:
We are aware of an issue which prevents some users to play Word Connect. We are investigating the issue and it will be fixed in the next updates.
Version 1.1.3 (3 variants)
Updated 6 months ago
Changelog New Feature: "For You" section where you can find recommended games to play
Version 1.1.2
Updated 7 months ago
Changelog Word Connect:
- Updated the levels
- Fixed: some words (for example 'gear') were missing from the wordset and were not recongnized. This is now fixed.
- New feature: tap on the connected words to see their definition(s)

- Improvements in the Puzzle Solved screen
- Various fixes and improvements