Paymaster: Incomes & Expenses

Paymaster: Incomes & Expenses version history

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Version 2.8
Updated 3 years ago
Version 6.6 (5 variants)
Updated 1 month ago
Changelog Joint accounting bug fixed.
Version 6.5 (5 variants)
Updated 2 months ago
Changelog 1. Fixed issue with Projects.
2. Restored compatibility with other platform reserve copies.
3. Fixed some issues with joint accounting.
Version 6.4
Updated 3 months ago
Changelog 1. Fixed the issue with the pie chart.
2. Improved dtransaction hystory feature.
Version 6.3 (3 variants)
Updated 3 months ago
Changelog 1. New icons set added.
2. Added settings for counterparty accounts.
3. Improved swipes functionality.
4. Bug fixes (sums calculation in lines for days, digits deletion on transaction creation screen,...).
Version 6.2 (2 variants)
Updated 6 months ago
Changelog Fixed a bug with transfer to a site with a knowledge base.
Version 5.9 (8 variants)
Updated 11 months ago
Changelog 1. Added an option to force the app to work in foreground (can be disabled in settings).
2. Added an option to display foreign currency account balance in the main currency.
3. Added an option to set symbol for currency in settings.
4. Filter by category work improved.
5. Bugs fixed (daily expenses widget, background selection, date keyboard).
Version 5.8 (4 variants)
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog 1. Added Quarters sum lines on the main screen.
2. Added the option to set any picture from the gallery as a background.
3. Added 7 new backgrounds.
4. Added the feature to choose what to display at the tap on the account string: a list of transactions or a new transaction screen.
5. Added strings separators for scheduled transactions.
6. Improved transfer transaction creation logic.
7. Improved creating subcategories logic.
Version 5.7
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog 1. Added setting of number of decimal places for sum cells.
2. Added scaling of widgets.
3. Fixed error in calculating the amounts in the lines for the day and month.
4. Fixed a bug in local backup.
5. Fixed a bug with displaying a large widget.
6. Fixed a bug when creating a splitting transaction.
7. Improved transaction editing logic.
Version 2.5 (5 variants)
Updated 4 years ago
Changelog 1. Added reminders to enter today's transactions in Paymaster (in settings you can change the reminder time or completely disable it)&
2. Fixed bugs and increased stability of the application.