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NordVPN - fast VPN for privacy version history

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Version 1.9.13
Updated 4 years ago
Changelog Improved in-app subscription processing.
Version 4.17.6
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog * Wondering if you can improve your current connection? Tap the ‘refresh’ button - the Quick Connect algorithm will check if there’s a better server option and reconnect to the fastest server in the same location.
* Now you can set VPN connection as metered. It gives you more control over how much data your phone uses through downloads and other apps. Available in Android Q and above.
* A selection of minor bugs was left behind while packing this release. Definitely not the hardest goodbye.
Version 1.9.12
Updated 4 years ago
Changelog Application stability improvement.
Version 4.16.5
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog This summer, we’ve introduced Nord Account, which unified the login and sign-up across all Nord products. This release includes updated login and sign-up flows, but you don’t need to do anything about it - your current account details are automatically transferred to Nord Account. Just lay back, relax, and continue enjoying online security. If you decide to expand your protection outside VPN, your Nord Account will work like magic when getting on board with other Nord security products.
Version 4.15.2
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog For a top-notch VPN experience, routine maintenance is just as important as a new shiny feature. So nothing grand this time - just the usual bug-fixing business. We’re sending some good vibes and under-the-hood improvements your way!
Version 4.14.3
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog Veni, vidi, VPNi - we came, we saw, we updated accordingly.

* We upgraded NordVPN’s pause function. It’s now much more user-friendly.
* Our map is now roughly 15% mappier, according to our cartographers. We’re working to make it the mappiest.
* No more tap, tap, tapjacked for you - we will now automatically alert users if a malicious overlay tries to trick them in the NordVPN app.
* Did somebody call the exterminators? ‘Cause we squashed a host of teeny-tiny bugs.
Version 4.13.2
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog * We took up a challenge of telling you what’s new in 20 seconds. Go!
#1 The new and fast NordLynx based on WireGuard® or the classic and versatile OpenVPN? We now show the VPN protocol in use in the connection status bar.
#2 Love our app? Share it with friends right from the Settings menu. It may sound cliche, but in this case, sharing is actually caring about your friends’ digital safety.
#3 A few fixes.
20 seconds. Nailed it.
Version 1.9.9
Updated 4 years ago
Changelog Fixed occasional crashes that occurred when OpenVPN would fail to establish a connection. Removed connection timeouts in favour of manual cancelations. Miscellaneous bugfixes.
Version 1.9.6
Updated 4 years ago
Changelog Fixed a bug that prevented proper processing of free trial activations in some cases.
Version 1.9.4
Updated 4 years ago
Changelog * Fixed a crash that would happen when picking the best server under specific conditions.