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Neutron Music Player (Eval) version history

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Version 2.19.0
Updated 5 months ago
Changelog * New:
- targeted Android 11 as required by Google for new updates, Android 11+ users will only be able to use Scoped Storage file access now;
- DSD and DSD sub-settings, Oversample and Follow Source Frequency settings are managed by Profile now;
- ability to clear/refresh UPnP/Chromecast device list in Output To and Source - + - UPnP/DLNA.
! Fixed:
- AGP affecting FRC preset.
* All other improvements and fixes (2.18.5-1 - 2.18.5-5) see on Neutron's forum.
Version 2.16.0
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog * New:
- Frequency Response Correction DSP (Playback - DSP Effect): to correct FR of the output device, collection of 5000+ AutoEq presets for 2500+ headphones for flattening their FR.
* Improved:
- USB driver performance and compatibility: support for Qudelix-5K DAC;
- limit BT A2DP output format to hw max supported 24/96.
! Fixed:
- crash when Reverse Stereo is activated for >2 channel output;
- crash if current track is sourced from SFTP and connection changed when paused;
- ...
Version 2.15.4
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog * Do not try to load network file's tags when opening playlist file to avoid large delay.
* Do not invalidate SMB source if shares were not detected but server is responding.
* Improved SMB source health detection on start and prevented SMB track unloading during it.
! Fixed:
- hi-res audio missing on some devices;
- external SD not detected on Samsung's Android 11;
- do not read ALBUMARTISTSORT tag to avoid incomplete Artist name (rescan source);
- compatibility with some streaming servers.
Version 2.15.3
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog 2.15.1:
* New:
- support for Profiles (profile affects which DSP effects are active, see settings - Profiles).
* Improved compatibility with some WebDAV/HTTP and FTP servers.
* Support ALBUMARTISTSORT tag in Vorbis tags.
! Fixes.

! Fixed:
- fixed AGP is always set to On when restarted;
- Rms widget could become unhidable;
- provide Album Artist to the scrobbler instead of Artist of the track for correct scrobbling.
Version 2.13.0
Updated 2 years ago
Changelog * Increased EQ bands to max 60
* New:
- multi-channel native DSD
- options in UI - Playing Now:
* Scroll Track: to auto-scroll long tracks
* Group-switch Mode: to toggle on/off the group switch buttons
* On-screen Controls: to toggle on/off the buttons on top of album-art area
- memorize and restore volume of UPnP and USB DAC devices
- source SMB over VPN
- lyrics in APE2 tags
- Replay Gain info in Opus

See more in Release Notes!
Version 2.12.9
Updated 2 years ago
Changelog * New Media Library option - Guess Metadata: to turn off tags guessing from the filename if they are missing in the file.
* Removed limit for EQ's max gain and Q for manual input.
! Fixed:
- external SD could not be detected on Android 10 (confirmed for Galaxy S10);
- disabled Hi-Res Codec for Samsung Galaxy A50 due to no sound when active (use Custom Format for experiments);
- Folder - Setup: Track Nr not working if Filename option active for a folder entry.
Version 2.11.1
Updated 3 years ago
Version 2.10.0
Updated 3 years ago
Version 2.09.5
Updated 3 years ago
Version 2.09.2
Updated 3 years ago