myBECfiber version history

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Version 22.2.0
Updated 2 months ago
Changelog Add sort options for Things list to show unassigned devices.
Show last test results on the dashboard.
Support for blocking Apple iCloud Relay
Warn users blocking Command IQ management device(s)
Enhance Alerts by adding family threat details for most common threats.
Spanish Language Support
Support for blocking devices using DNS over https
Allow secondary administrators with different email addresses
Version 22.1.1
Updated 5 months ago
Changelog Set restrictions for new devices connecting to your network. Existing restrictions won't change. Click on My Network, then Default Restrictions.
Pause and resume profiles, or provide additional internet access time to profiles that are in a "Scheduled Pause." Click on People to try.
Alert features include swiping left on an alert to delete or selecting all alerts to clear the list.
Manage which alerts are pushed to your phone by going to Settings and clicking on Alerts.
Version 21.4.0
Updated 7 months ago
Changelog All disconnected & paused devices are now displayed under "Things".
Multiple improvements to feature access.
Category text in alerts for web content blocking.
Notifications for application download and installations have been consolidated.
"Time Limit has been Reached" notification is now displayed for applications with time limits.
For enhanced security, all "00" MAC Address alerts now correlate to the IP address.
Ability to Share network information via SMS using an embedded QR code.
Version 21.2.1
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog Bug Fixes