LTE Discovery (5G NR)

LTE Discovery (5G NR) version history

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Version 4.33 (2 variants)
Updated 2 days ago
Changelog • Update 5G NR card, and add 'Learn more' option
• Add ability to 'Dim screen' from the map page
• The map now centers when granting location permission
• Bug fixes
Version 4.30 (8 variants)
Updated 5 months ago
Changelog - Cascading view loading
- Add ability for in-app app updates
- Fix Light Theme (beta)
- Fix signals not showing on initial load
- Fix access to Crowdsource settings
Version 4.29
Updated 8 months ago
Changelog - Removed CDMA 1x Towers feature. The ability to export will remain for a few more releases.
- Slightly faster start time (still working on this)
- Fix date selector in Signal Log page
- Fix crash:*.ApiException
Version 4.28
Updated 8 months ago
Changelog - Color mode in the LTE Log page now updates instantly
- The EARFCN card is now flippable for all users (some parts still Pro)
- Fix tab names for LTE Log page
- Fix bug for staying signed in
- Slightly faster start time (still working on this)
Version 4.26.3
Updated 9 months ago
Changelog - Fix for bug during IPv6 network requests
- Fix more bugs
- Thank you for the debug emails!
Version 4.26
Updated 9 months ago
Changelog - Add acronyms to help page
- Fix app lagging for some devices
Version 4.25.1
Updated 11 months ago
Changelog - Fix bug where band wasn't always working
- Fix band-not-showing issue
- Fix location permission issue
- Fix more bugs
Version 4.24
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog - Possible fix for missing location permission
- Possible fix for LTE band 0
- Fix LTE frequency logic
- New Band API is now available for free users
- Private beta groups
- Fix 'telephonyManager.serviceState must not be null'
- Add ability to reset app settings
- Add more debug tools
- More LTE band support
- New default Signal Map
- Fix UnknownHostException
- Update root detection
- Potential fix for 'non-null is null'
- Add ability to export Crowdsourced signal logs via email
- More fixes
Version 4.23
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog - Add support for more LTE bands
- Early preview: LTE Log Map (beta, needs more work)

Note: These features may require Android 11 and are currently in beta:
- Add support for LTE carrier aggregation alerts
- Add support for 5G NR (New Radio)
- Show LTE bands for neighbor cells
- More band icons for notification bar
Version 4.20
Updated 2 years ago