Life version history

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Updated 1 year ago
Changelog * Simplify band connection.
* Sort LifeBand list in connections screen with the new grouping - Ready-to-Pair and Paired.
Ready-to-Pair shows discovered bands that are available for pairing at the moment
Paired shows current connected LifeBands, and any previously paired LifeBands that may or may not be available for connection at the moment.
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog * Distinct tone for Level 3+ and 4 alarm rule.
* Improved Bluetooth stability, as now Life app will keep re-checking with LifeBand for a period of time before dropping connection.
* Poorly fit and Cap off notifications are automatically dismissed when the status changes.
* Poorly fit band alarms are now shown in the app.
* New Alarm triggering logic implemented as Life app will not repeat alarm rules unless explicitly specified.
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog * LifeBand now connects with the app in the background without the need to be relaunched.
* Life app runs for a longer period in the background whilst not connected to a LifeBand.
* Only high priority alarms are shown to the users when there are multiple alarms triggered.
Updated 2 years ago
Changelog * App start-up speed improved by ~25%, is also much more responsive
* Simplified LifeHub registration process
* Improved accuracy of user locations sent to LifeHub for some devices
* More accurate display of connected LifeBand's battery/connection status
* Improved user language selection process
* Improved BLE scanning/detection
* Added Russian language support.
Updated 3 years ago
Updated 4 years ago
Changelog * Radically improved application responsiveness and power consumption
* Improved Bluetooth stability.
* Numerous performance enhancements and bug fixes
Updated 2 months ago
Changelog * Band firmware upgrade status is shown on LifeHub.
* Band firmware can now be upgraded from background.
Updated 3 months ago
Changelog * Only one notification sound will be played at a time.
* Distinct status tones for Level 3+ and Level 4.
* Fixed duplicate NoCapConnected status sent to LH after a band disconnection.
* Fixed register button not working in certain situations.