Kart Chassis Setup PRO

Kart Chassis Setup PRO APK

Kart Chassis Setup PRO APK

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Professional analysis current kart chassis config to improve lap time

What's Kart Chassis Setup PRO APK?

Kart Chassis Setup PRO is a app for Android, It's developed by Jet Lab, LLC author.
First released on google play in 1 year ago and latest version released in 1 year ago.
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Nº1 application to setup the karting chassis. Professional analysis and tracking current kart chassis setup.

This app using data about your current chassis setup, cold and hot tyre pressures, tyre temperatures, behaviour in corners, weather and race track conditions will give you some recommendations about how to adjust your chassis in order to resolve any set up problem which you have. For each advice, you'll find an explanation about the adjustment. Each explanation contains pictures to be more understandable

The app is valid for all types of karts and for all karting classes. It's usefull for experienced or novice drivers. For experienced it'll be a second opinion about what's wrong with the chassis setup, and for novices it will teach them the secrets of the chassis adjustments

The app contains four tabs, which are described next:

• Chassis: on this tab, you can enter data about config of your go-kart chassis, tires, location, weather, engine, gearbox, driver and ballast.
For example:
- front and rear height
- front and rear width
- front and rear hub length
- front hub spacers
- front and rear torsion bars
- Toe In / Toe Out
- Ackerman
- Camber
- Caster
- front and rear bumpers state
- rear axle stiffnes
- rear bearings
- sidepods state
- 4th torsion bar
- struts of seat
- rain meister
- seat type
- seat size
- seat position
- tyre type
- material of wheels
- driver weight
- ballast positions and weight
- and more

• History: this tab contains the history of all your setups of go-cart chassis. If you something in your chassis setup or change the weather, race track, conditions - new setup automatically will be saved in history

• Analysis: this tab contains three types of chassis behavior analysis

- Driving analysis: you'll have to inform about how the driver feels behaviour of the kart in corners. In section "Behaviour in corners" enter info about what the driver is feeling of a go-kart chassis behavior (for example - understeering at entry of corners). These are most important info used by app to calculate the advices. You also should enter info about race track (clockwise or anti-clockwise), current weather and race-track conditions (automatic weather detection via the Internet). All elements are taking into consideration for calculations

- Pressure analysis: you have to inform about hot and cold pressures of each tyre, material of wheels, target tyre temperature, current weather and race-track conditions

- Temperature analysis: set in this screen info about hot tyre temperatures in the inside, middle and outside of the working surface of each tyre, material of wheels (aluminium or magnesium), target tyre temperature, current weather and race-track conditions

Click on the "Analysis" button and app will show you recommendations related on which adjustments you can do to solve any problem in chassis setup that you can be suffering. A screen with detailed info about each adjustment will be shown. For example: "Insrease front track width", "Modify tyres pressures" (how much you should adjust your pressures), change your driving style

• Tools: you can find useful karting utilities. Fuel calculator for perfect fuel mixing. Weight and balance to get the perfect go-kart weight distribution. Air density and density altitude for carburetor setup

The app let you use different measure units: ºC and ºF; PSI and BAR; lb and kg; millimeters and inches; mb, hPa, mmHg, inHg; meters and foots; gallons, oz, ml

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