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Hive Social version history

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Version 1.0.8
Updated 2 months ago
Share content and connect to people you love on Hive.

- Express yourself with our customizable Music Section
- Full app color themes and zodiac signs
- Explore trending and new content on our Discover page with tons of communities
- New Asks feature where you can get to know creators better
- Repost, share, and reply to posts or upload Gifs with our Gif feature
- Easily grow your account with an algorithm that boosts your organic reach

Explore your favorite content on Hive!
Version 2.2.3 (2 variants)
Updated 2 weeks ago
Changelog Fix bug when delete modal unexpectedly appears when posting
Version 2.1.3
Updated 4 weeks ago
Changelog Fix the "block user" button
Reenable the "blocked accounts" page
Blocked users cannot like or comment on posts of users blocking them
Blocked users cannot view profiles of users blocking them
Fix bug where autocorrect was not working properly in text fields for commenting and posting
Fix bug where likes and comments on reposts were not being attributed to the original post
Add a loading indicator when clicking on the comment icon
Text input now auto-focuses when hitting "reply" button
Version 2.1.2 (3 variants)
Updated 1 month ago
Changelog Comment/post inputs now auto-capitalize letters at the start of new sentences
Hitting "reply" auto-focuses text input
Increase number of comments that display below posts
Re-enable push notifications for likes, follows, follow requests, post/comment mentions
Feature improvements for mod tools
Require users to accept community guidelines and privacy policy
Increase resolution of avatar images, profile banners, post feed Items, and discover preview images
Post/comment text can now be selected
Version 2.0.1 (2 variants)
Updated 1 month ago
Changelog Fix bug where post images do not display on discover
Saved hashtags have been re-enabled in discover
The "new" section has been re-enabled in discover
Show loading indicator when grid view loads more posts
Version 1.27.1 (3 variants)
Updated 2 months ago
Changelog security improvements
reduce memory usage
general performance improvements
Migrate to new media server
nsfw posts no longer loose their nsfw tag when edited
reposts of nsfw posts are also marked as nsfw
usernames are not autoformatted to lowercase
usernames can now include underscores and periods
patch gallery permissions
fix typos