Hide Message : Secret text

Hide Message : Secret text APK

Hide Message : Secret text APK

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how to hide whatsapp message?HideMessage can steganograph text messages!

What's Hide Message : Secret text APK?

Hide Message : Secret text is a app for Android, It's developed by ZHN.APP author.
First released on google play in 2 years ago and latest version released in 2 months ago.
This app has 169.8K download times on Google play and rated as 4.29 stars with 1,215 rated times.
This product is an app in Tools category. More infomartion of Hide Message : Secret text on google play
HideMessage is an interesting software, it can hide a piece of text information into another piece of text content, the hidden information looks like a normal text, and will not cause suspicion, it can be used on social platforms such as facebook, instagram or Email.

Normal function:
Hide one piece of text content into another piece of text content, for example: you can hide the text information of "I like you very much" in "You are beautiful". After hiding, you can only see the text content of "You are beautiful".
Others can parse the text "You are beautiful" through HideMessage, and then they can see the text "I like you very much".

Advanced features:
*Hidden operation through TextKey requires the other party to use the same TextKey to parse out the hidden text content, which is suitable for more private communication.
*Hide operation by date, this method can only allow the hidden text content to be parsed within the specified date, this magical function can force the other party to see the hidden text information in a certain period of time in the future, or Hidden messages are only visible during certain times of the day.

scenes to be used:
You can use the hidden information in social media such as Facebook or WhatsApp, but you can only see the hidden information through HideMessage.
You can also use it to hide information such as account passwords into ordinary text, and then record it in another place without worrying about leakage.
HideMessage can be used in almost all social platforms, by posting a normal text, the hidden message will be delivered. It's a cool thing, isn't it?
If you're a social media savvy, or a fan of online dating and want to try a new way to communicate. Then don't miss it!

how to use?
Super easy to use as there are only two buttons,
* "Hide and copy text content" button in the lower right corner:
The hidden text information entered on the page can be hidden into the visible text content, and automatically copied to the clipboard, and then copied to the desired place.

* "Parse pasteboard content" button in the lower left corner:
After copying the complete text content from elsewhere, click this button to parse the text content in the pasted version and display it on the page.

*It is recommended to watch the video in the promotional image, it is more intuitive and easy to understand.

Precautions and suggestions:
1. HideMessage can only parse the information hidden by HideMessage. So, please share it with your friends, and you can have fun interactions with your friends.
2. After hiding the information, although the hidden text information cannot be seen, the length of the processed text information will increase. If it is used in a place with text length restrictions, please try to shorten the length of the hidden information to avoid usage restrictions.
3. This tool is very safe, you don't have to worry about hidden information being leaked. The tool itself does not capture any hidden information about you.
4. When copying the text that needs to be parsed from other places, you must copy all the content. If the content is incomplete, the hidden information cannot be parsed.
5. HideMessage can only hide plain text messages.

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