Freud - Dream Journal and Analyzer

Freud - Dream Journal and Analyzer APK

Freud - Dream Journal and Analyzer APK

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Uncover unconscious meanings, feelings, symbols, and patterns in your dreams! 🔑

What's Freud - Dream Journal and Analyzer APK?

Freud - Dream Journal and Analyzer is a app for Android, It's developed by DreamIT author.
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** What is Freud? **
Private and secure dream journal that lets you log and analyze your dreams and identify your unconscious feelings and motifs.

** Why would you want to use it? **
1. It's FUN - Relive your dreams by reading your dream journal
2. LEARN something about yourself - Get to know your unconscious!
3. UNLOCK HIDDEN FEELINGS AND MOTIFS - Find out what drives your moods and behaviors

** How does it work? **
The analyzer analyzes the symbols that occurred while you were dreaming through a psychoanalytic method of free associations. The associations you have with those symbols are the key to unlock hidden meaning and motifs.

** Why is it called Freud? **
Sigmund Freud is the father of Psychoanalysis. He said that dreams are the royal road to the unconscious and was the first to popularize their importance for the human psyche.

** Is this way of interpretation common? **
Many experts from psychology and psychoanalysis use free association to uncover the meanings of much more than events that occur during sleep. It's one of the best approaches to exploring yourself without any boundaries and finding an interpretation when you thought it was impossible to find an interpretation.

** Can someone else analyze my dreams? **
No. According to many schools in psychology and psychoanalysis, you are the only one who can fully interpret what do the symbols that occurred while you were dreaming mean for you. Two people can log the same dream in a journal, but it won't have the same meaning and interpretation.

** How will I uncover anything about my subconscious mind with Freud? **
The patterns in your log will emerge, and the analyzer will help you analyze them. Recurring symbols and emotions will show you what is in your subconscious mind this week, this month, or overall.

** Why are free associations used to analyze the symbols? **
Associations seem random but are very direct and powerful. They represent strong and quick neural connections in your brain that lead to your deepest, strongest feelings and thoughts about things. They are unfiltered, just as the subconscious mind. To understand your subconscious mind, you can't use conscious analysis. You must use something raw and deep.

** What is the psychoanalytic method of free associations? **
The psychoanalytic method of free associations is an uncensored path to unconscious thoughts. Psychoanalysts believe that the logic of association is a form of unconscious thinking. Meanings, central themes, and connections begin to appear out of the disordered skein thoughts.

** What emotions are included in the analysis? **
Any emotion from the following emotions can be used in the analysis:
- Happy
- Sad
- Strong
- Scared
- Excited
- Anxious
- Angry
- Confused

** What are dream patterns? **
These patterns are recurring motifs that appear when you sleep. With the help of the analyzer, usually, these are the ones that will let you interpret the narrative and understand your subconscious mind.

** Is this a dream interpreter? **
Yes, but it helps you interpret them yourself. It's not a standard interpreter. It doesn't have a predefined set of interpretations. If two people were dreaming about the same thing, a standard interpreter would identify the same meaning. With Freud, each person will be able to find unique meaning.

** Do dreams really mean anything? **
Yes. Does anything in our brain happen without reason? There are causes that affected motifs in our sleep to occur, just as there are causes to our feelings and conscious thoughts. It's how your brain works. Find the causes, and get to know your subconscious mind!

** Why would I want to analyze and interpret what I was dreaming about? **
Do you know what drives you? Have you ever felt sad or happy even though you don't know why? It's our psychology to label the things we don't understand as random. This app can help you get insights into the hidden motives and motifs that drive you.