Fertilizer mixer

Fertilizer mixer APK

Fertilizer mixer APK

1.15.2 $1.49Wutthilert Rungchai

Calculate of mixing some fertilizers (Max 15) to new NPK formula

What's Fertilizer mixer APK?

Fertilizer mixer is a app for Android, It's developed by Wutthilert Rungchai author.
First released on google play in 1 year ago and latest version released in 6 months ago.
This app has 111 download times on Google play
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Mixing a fertilizer by your own will reduce cost of agriculture system. you can mix to desired NPK formula that suitable for your plants and soil.

This app will let you enter some fertilizers to create a list of fertilizer to be mixed then you can manually change each fertilizer's volume you will see new mixed formula
Or you can find a mixing by app fertilizer in the list must possible to get desired formula
Each fertilizer in the list will contain all 14 elements included Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Iron, Boron,...

You can fill your own fertilizer data or select from the list provided in the app.

Your created list can be saved, the app provide you 20 slots for saving a list
that can use to remix next time.

The way to reduce agricultural cost is to use existing fertilizers mix together to be new formula instead of buy new one. for example you may already have 16-16-16 and 46-0-0 you can have new formula is 20-10-10 or 24-12-12.

On saved fertilizer list slots you can add a remarks such as applied date and additional info. so you can check of history of using this fertilizer rate.

- 15 fertilizers per list
- 20 memory slots for save a fertilizer list
- You can separate nitrogen forms in to ammonium and nitrate which is you can manage proportion between 2 them.
- You can do concentration estimation in ppm(Part Per Million or mg/L) unit for each fertilizer's elements (N, P, K, Mg, Ca, S,....)
- You can assign a group to each fertilizers in the list (3 groups, A, B & N)
- You can create your own fertilizer data for mix next time
- You can do a cation & anion balancing estimation
- You have a history of each time you change Filler volume, so you can test a filler many time and can go back to previous value.
-Favorite formula, you can add your own often use formula that no need to re-enter each N, P and K value every time.
-Creating a stock of soluble fertilizers for hydroponics or foliar fertilizers.

-Each fertilizer can have cost value per weight or per container bag that can estimate cost after mixing.

* Require a bit high power CPU phone if you use finding mix automatic with many fertilizers in the list (Recommend CPU Snapdragon 6XX or equivalent up)
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