European War 5:Empire-Strategy

European War 5:Empire-Strategy version history

‹ General Info
Version 1.2.0
Updated 4 years ago
Changelog Adds campaigns of Industrial Age
Adds generals of Industrial Age
Adds cities of Industrial Age
Adds conquests of Industrial Age
Reduces the difficulty of the Invasion
Bug Fixes
Enhances the effect of some skills
Literatures can be restored
Version 1.9.0 (7 variants)
Updated 3 weeks ago
Changelog 1. Adds hard levels in Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 of the campaign mode
2. Adds the relationship system between generals
3. Adds monthly membership package
4. Optimizes the gold coin consumption of training generals
5. Bug fixes
Version 1.8.2 (3 variants)
Updated 2 months ago
Version 1.8.0 (2 variants)
Updated 2 months ago
Changelog 1.Adds hard levels in Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 of the campaign mode
2.Reduces the difficulty of Ragnarok in the conquest mode
3.Bug fixes
Version 1.7.2 (7 variants)
Updated 4 months ago
Changelog Fix issues.
Version 1.7.0 (8 variants)
Updated 4 months ago
Changelog 1. Adds new conquest: Ragnarok
2. Adds hard levels in the first two chapters of the campaign mode
3. Adds medal equipment system
4. Bug fixes
Version 1.6.4 (8 variants)
Updated 1 month ago
Changelog Fix issues.
Version 1.6.2
Updated 4 days ago
Changelog Fix issues.
Version 1.6.0
Updated 8 months ago
Changelog Arena mode added
General ability awakening for 5 generals
4 new pieces of platinum equipment
Version 1.5.0
Updated 10 months ago
Changelog Newly-added contents:
Player avatar selection
Myth mode 4 new levels of Greek myth
Empire mode 9 levels of exploration

Some bugs fixed