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What's Endless Siege APK?

Endless Siege is a app for Android, It's developed by SAWALHA1994 author.
First released on google play in 1 month ago and latest version released in 4 days ago.
This app has 7 download times on Google play
This product is an app in Strategy category. More infomartion of Endless Siege on google play
Starting the Game
Click on the yellow play button.
On your first play through it will offer you a guided tour where it has you…
place a ballista tower on the map
click the Next Wave button to have the first wave of orcs enter the screen
upgrade the tower
use the game speed control
then start a new game from scratch by clicking the Play button.
On subsequent plays in the browser you will not have the guided tour.
Your web browser stores you high score automatically.
Game Maps
Each day the map of the playing field changes. As it changes, so too should your strategy for where to place towers.
In general the most potent places to lay towers are either places where they can reach enemies at multiple different locations on the path, or in the locations of the map where the enemies pass by twice.
Some enemies regenerate their health, so it is helpful to put strong towers in close proximity to one another rather than stretching your towers throughout the length of the map.
Typically it makes sense to place towers closer to the beginning of the game.
Game Controls

Use your finger like a mouse.
Tower Types
The game has 4 basic tower types: ballista, torch, cannon and time warper.
The complexity is much higher than it would seem based on that limited number of towers as all 4 tower types have 3 core upgrade tiers & then within each tier there are 10 levels (though the time warper has 5 levels).
When you change a tower level the “Lvl Up” button shows the cost of leveling up. Clicking the “Show Info” button shows how much your attributes will improve.
The function of the tower stays the same as you level up, though when you upgrade across tiers it can dramatically alter how the tower functions.
The default ballista tower is quite weak, but becomes a formidable weapon after the first upgrade.
Upgrading the torch turns it into a tesla coil that zaps enemies. Upgrade it again and it turns into a plasma blaster.
Upgrading the cannon turns it into a mine layer. Upgrade it again and it turns into a rocket launcher.
The time warp slows down the walking speed of enemies when it is on the first level. On the second level it temporarily freezes enemies. On the third level it acts like a physical warp which puts enemies back to an earlier place in the level rather than slowing them down as they pass it.
Towers are covered in more detail below.
Start of the game
The cannon is too slow to use for the first half-dozen to dozen rounds of enemies.
Typically I like to use torch or ballista towers which I aggressively upgrade as fast as I can at the start of the game.
If there are turns where the enemies pass by multiple times I often put a number of torch towers there.
If the path is fairly straight and enemies do not loop around I start with ballista towers.
Until you have at least 4 or 5 fully upgraded towers it typically makes sense to not build any time warp towers.
When you do build time warp towers you typically want them in close proximity to where most of your shooting towers are located.
Play speed
This game is not timed, so you can take your time in between waves to figure out where you want to place towers.
If the game is tedious and boring in the early levels you can adjust the game speed to X2 or X3 & you can also set the manual vs automatic button to automatic so subsequent enemy waves come automatically.
You can pause the game in the middle of a round to stop enemy movement, adjust game speed & either lay new towers or upgrade existing ones.
Tower build locations
In general I prefer to build attack towers in places where they will be able to hit enemies multiple times along the path, that way if you upgrade the tower heavily you are building a tower which serves you twice.
You can see how far a tower can reach when you click on it by a red circle around it. As you upgrade a tower it’s reach increases.
When an enemy’s path crosses a tower’s shooting radius multiple times it is almost like having a second tower