Dinosaur Games-Baby dino Coco adventure season 4

Dinosaur Games-Baby dino Coco adventure season 4 APK

Dinosaur Games-Baby dino Coco adventure season 4 APK

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The earth defense missile defense game with the exciting dinosaurs.Dinosaur Game

What's Dinosaur Games-Baby dino Coco adventure season 4 APK?

Dinosaur Games-Baby dino Coco adventure season 4 is a app for Android, It's developed by Pineapplechord author.
First released on google play in 6 years ago and latest version released in 1 week ago.
This app has 77.9K download times on Google play and rated as 3.33 stars with 162 rated times.
This product is an app in Casual category. More infomartion of Dinosaur Games-Baby dino Coco adventure season 4 on google play
The earth defense missile defense game with the exciting dinosaurs
Amazing dino robots appear! Interesting missile interception game
Formidable meat-eating dinosaurs appear! People who like the dinosaurs will be interested 100%.
■ Exciting earth defense missile game - dinosaurs game
Joy of assembling the dinosaur robots - the missile interception system is run as soon as you complete in assembling the dinosaur robots
Excitingly intercept the asteroids falling into the earth.
You can feel the sense of hitting whenever intercepting asteroids.
■ Exciting and interesting dinosaur sticker play
Meat-eating dinosaurs children like appear!
Dinosaurs' cry which bursts whenever you touch the meat-eating dinosaurs
You can compare the detailed information and size about the dinosaurs during play.

1. Adventure of baby dinosaur Coco(story) - Earth defense dino king (dino robot)
An asteroid approaches to the far future earth from now. So scientists run the dinoking plan and go back to the past using the time machine to bring dinosaurs.
Coco and tyrannosaur are reborn as the dinoking dino robot to play a role of keeping the earth.

2. The world of Carnivores dinosaurs including the tyrannosaur
Dinoking is made based on the tyrannosaurs. So you can see meat-eating dinosaurs including the tyrannosaurs. You can experience the interactive response of a variety of formidable meat-eating dinosaurs and listen to the dinosaurs' cry.
And you can confirm how big the dinosaurs are.

3. Exciting and interesting dinosaur series - baby dinosaur coco series
Baby dinosaur coco experiences different dinosaurs as exploring the dino world. So children can feel and enjoy all kinds of interesting dinosaurs.
Coco lets you experience all kinds of dinosaurs in the sea, thick forest, and in the future. Baby dino Coco's adventure continues and you can continue the dino experience.
Fantastic dino world and interesting dino game, formidable meat-eating dinosaurs appear, transformation of meat-eating dinosaurs: 'dino robot dinoking', earth defense game with Dinoking
Baby dino Coco, Dino exploration 4, dino robot Dinoking

4. Game story
AD 2100, the asteroid which exterminated the earth and dinosaurs is approaching. Scientists operated the Dinoking plan to protect the earth.
Scientists made a time machine to go back to the dino age and caught dinosaurs in order to make the dino robot.
Scientists operated the protective screen to protect the cities in the earth. However, the protective screen is the last means. They should make the missile robot based on the dinosaurs to intercept asteroids rushing to the earth. They should make the dino robots promptly.

5. How to game
1) Dino robot missile defense game
If you press the Dinoking start button, you can move to the space base where you can assemble the dino robot. If you assemble the dino robot by parts, you can intercept the asteroids falling into the earth. If you take aim at the asteroids and touch, the missiles are shot to explode the asteroids. The size of asteroids is various and certain asteroid is bigger than the city in the earth. Since there is an asteroid falling at a fast speed, you should aim at asteroids well and shoot many missiles. Although the cities in the earth are protected by the protective screen, if the asteroids clash over it, the protective screen becomes weak and cities are destroyed. Therefore, you should control the missiles well and shoot many ones to protect the city.

2) Dinosaur(Carnivores) sticker play
If you press the dino sticker play button, you move to the dino age where you can play the dino sticker game.
If you combine the dino pictures, the dinosaurs move. If you combine all pictures, an interesting event takes place. Whenever clicking dinosaurs, you can listen to the formidable cry of dinosaurs. As all dinosaurs of the dino sticker game are meat-eating dinosaurs, you can examine various kinds of amazing meat-eating dinosaurs.
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