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Version 1.0 (3 variants)
Updated 2 years ago
Version 0.362
Updated 3 months ago
Changelog Buckle up, Huckleberry! New messages from gardening goddess Babybelle are here. We also got rid of some bugs, because pest control is an important part of plant care!
Version 0.361
Updated 4 months ago
Changelog Hey Panda Peeps! This update fixes up a a newcomer LTE bug and deals with a few other bugs as well. Love you so hard!
Version 0.360
Updated 5 months ago
Changelog In addition to a few bug fixes, this update lays the groundwork for Vote-a-Fling #5! Who's YOUR favorite Phone Fling girl?
Version 0.359
Updated 5 months ago
Changelog Ready for your physical? Nurse Blanche is back for the final part of her Phone Fling! We also got rid of some bugs in our code, so it's as clean as a hospital room. Hopefully.
Version 0.358
Updated 5 months ago
Changelog New messages from Blanche are here! Plus we've laid the groundwork for some much-anticipated new content ;) Oh, and don't forget the Black Friday deals!
Version 0.357 (2 variants)
Updated 6 months ago
Changelog This update introduces a new Phone Fling from Nurse Blanche! Side effects include sweating, increased heart rate, and feelings of happiness.
Version 0.356 (2 variants)
Updated 6 months ago
Changelog This update brings new messages from rain-drenched Sofia! Plus, you can now use your Mio or Quill plushie redemption codes to customize your in-game avatar with cute digital plushies, too <3
Version 0.355
Updated 6 months ago
Changelog Buzz off, bugs! This update is for pest-control only. We fixed up some code issues, so you can keep clicking your heart out! Go on, the girls are waiting for you.
Version 0.347
Updated 11 months ago
Changelog Nova’s putting the finishing touches on her awesome black-light mural! Enjoy the final installment of her Phone Fling conversation - plus a few other miscellaneous updates.