Chessy / In developing

Chessy / In developing APK

Chessy / In developing APK

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The game is a mixture of chess, civilization and heroes of sword and magic

What's Chessy / In developing APK?

Chessy / In developing is a app for Android, It's developed by GooPi author.
First released on google play in 3 months ago and latest version released in 1 month ago.
This app has 4.9K download times on Google play
This product is an app in Strategy category. More infomartion of Chessy / In developing on google play
Game is in developing and need funding and other. Game is online or offline.

Aim. You need to destroy the enemy fortress or the king.

In short. The game is a mixture of chess, civilization and heroes of sword and magic. When you and the enemy run out of trees, there is a truce on the map and ~100 years pass when new trees will grow, don't forget seed them. There is weather, wind and other events that affect the playing field. You can hide in the forest and the enemy will not notice you! You can also make paths to get through the forests faster. If wind blows to the your side don't fire a forest because rain will put out your fire.

King. Protect your king and he's gonna protect yours. He's got abilities for cheering up your warriors or other abilities.

Pawn. Have unique attack. There are tools, shields, weapons that you can give or take from the pawn. If you give shield you can help any pawn from the strongest damage! Or give pick for digging ore). You can upgrade them giving them a metal axe. They can fire forests and put out them.

Archer. They have a many energy for escape from yours. They can toggle their unique attack for a more damage. Give them a crossbow and will see damage of the world! They can fire forests.

Scout. Is assembled from a pawn. Have most of all energy and can fast trample trails. Can set a camp for fast shifting of units.

Hero. You can play as a unique hero who is not like the others. They gather from the warriors. If you want to play for ellfemale don't forget that you can control wind, tie up enemies in the forest, grow forests and thus cheer up your warriors. If you female you can become king's queen and don't forget what elfemale live more than king :( . If you are male, you can become king's keeper or depend on his preferences :)

Economy. Farms is for food. You are better set them on the fertilizer. Pawns can extract forest for wood and set woodcutters. Hills for mines and ore, don't forget melt your ore for irons and golds. Gold is for buing everything.

Queen, Keeper and king's child. Soon

And there will be many more interesting things, don't forget to give your fighters water to drink and food to eat!

Come in to Discord: or yxfZnrkBPU and you can see new updates!
Are you a publisher? [email protected]
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