Balloon Pop: relaxing idle zen

Balloon Pop: relaxing idle zen APK

Balloon Pop: relaxing idle zen APK

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Balloon pop is easy meditation & calming iden zen game for relax & anti stress.

What's Balloon Pop: relaxing idle zen APK?

Balloon Pop: relaxing idle zen is a app for Android, It's developed by RedRocketMedia author.
First released on google play in 1 month ago and latest version released in 1 week ago.
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🎈This balloon pop gravity idle will help you relax!🎈

This meditation game is a perfect way to calm your nerves, spend time and distract yourself from your stressful life by popping balloons. This idle zen game easy to play and a whole lot of fun! You have to tap on the screen to pop balloons or just watch them fly through the air and listen to relaxing music.

The original concept makes this iden zen game very fun and relaxing to play. This calming game will help you relax, relieve stress and anxiety, experience relaxation and immerse yourself in zen meditation.You don’t need to do much, most of the balloons pop game is just waiting for money to save up so you can progress through the levels. Every level is ended with a multiplier, giving you more money than you would get by just popping the balloons one by one.

🎈Spend your time in this relaxing idle minimalist game!🎈

Collect and upgrade different balloons: all of them have their own unique characteristics. They come in different colors: red, orange, cyan, purple and more! Every balloon you buy is better than the last one - more than that, you can easily one tap upgrade any of them. Upgrades will either earn you more money or make the balloons appear faster, which will help you progress further. Each upgrade is incremental in terms of cost - the more you buy, the more money you’ll have to spend on things. It’s a slow process that requires quite a bit of patience, but completing the game level by level is quite rewarding. Stage after stage, you will unlock new levels with unique challenges to each of them. The more you play Balloon Pop: relaxing idle zen, the more space you need to pay attention to - balloons can pile up in the very beginning, not letting you continue the game until you destroy a couple of balloons.

You can burst all the balloons simply by tap the screen while relieving stress and frustration! The game is fun to play while you wait in line, it helps you unwind your mind. Clicking the balloons soothes you, makes you forget about your worries and helps you relax for a bit. It doesn’t take much to play this game, so you can still think about important stuff while playing it - it gives you something to fidget with as you think. When you have the game turned off, you still earn passive income - you can leave it idle for hours and still get some progress.

This minimalist calming game will help you:
🎈 See balloon paradise
🎈 Become more patient
🎈 Calm your nerves in stressful situations
🎈 Spend some time

🎈This is a fun idle zen game for adults and kids🎈

Go on a journey with your balloons - save up enough to buy a path to let your balloons move further. They will never stop flying up - they can get stuck, but you can help them avoid the obstacles by making the obstacles in question smaller. You start out with clouds, later moving onto winds, triangles and platforms. The winds will make your balloons fly in whatever direction the wind is pointing. All the others are just still obstacles that your balloons need to avoid by bumping into each other, moving each other out of the way. The more you play, the more you understand the physics the game uses. Balloons travel upwards, only popping when faced with an unlocked path or when the player taps on them. Fun physics make the movement of the balloons unpredictable, making it more fun to play around with them. The process of playing is really meditative - it helps take your mind off of things. This original relaxing idle game is appropriate for all ages - anyone can enjoy it.

Balloon Pop: relaxing idle zen is easy calming game for relaxation, anti stress & meditation. This game is suitable for both adults and young children.