Ages of Wars: Empires

Ages of Wars: Empires APK

Ages of Wars: Empires APK

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Conquer your enemies and build your empire in this strategy game.

What's Ages of Wars: Empires APK?

Ages of Wars: Empires is a app for Android, It's developed by Ages of Wars author.
First released on google play in 2 months ago and latest version released in 1 month ago.
This app has 15 download times on Google play
This product is an app in Strategy category. More infomartion of Ages of Wars: Empires on google play
Explore the world and add new territories to your territories. Conquer and defend provinces across the globe as your armies roam the roads and your ships the seas.

Play on a huge map with dozens of territories to discover and conquer.

Emulate Napoleon, Charlemagne, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and so many other great historical generals. Control all aspects of your empire, weave alliances and surround your enemies before giving them the coup de grace. Follow the teachings of Machiavelli and Sun Tzu to succeed where the rest would fail.

Negotiate with the rivals of your burgeoning empire and keep your friends close, but also your enemies.
Dominate your nearest lands like the ancient Mesopotamian empires, or expand like the Roman Empire or the Chinese Empire with its magnificent dynasties, from the Qin to the Qing, through the Ming and so many others.

It sweeps the earth like the Mongols or deploys the power of technology as in the industrial revolution, through the first and second world wars (WWI and WWII), to the current asymmetrical conflicts.
Launch naval raids against rival empires while defending your shores.

Mobilize huge armies to crush your enemies or small war parties to punish their borders while enlarging yours. Fight the barbarian hordes or join your cause.

Create markets and get a monopoly in your empire. Create and protect your trade routes against corsairs and pirates.
Or found a religion and expose it to the four corners of the known world. While you shape the culture of your subjects and make it the dominant one worldwide.

Win thanks to world domination, or maybe you prefer that your prestige makes you worthy of controlling the entire globe.
Feel the passion of the purest turn-based strategy with an innovative approach to simultaneous combat. Show your friends who is the best strategist and compete with them for the best rankings worldwide.

Version information:
The game is currently in beta phase and improvements will be incorporated continuously until reaching the full development phase:

Current version allows:
- Create a global empire.
- A basic turn-based combat game in format where all players deploy and attack simultaneously instead of by pre-set turns as in most of these types of games.
- Collect resources from your possessions and use them to create your armies.
- Landings and bombings.
- Night Combat: Delve into a new combat concept to prevent your defeated rivals from fleeing your armies.
Ongoing developments:
- Naval battles.
- Diplomacy.
- Alternative victory systems to total conquest.
- Custom flag and shield creation system.
- Increase in the number of players to one per territory.
- Markets and resources.
- Technologies and constructions to advance your empire.
- Barbarians
- Religion and culture
- Events
- Espionage
- Any improvement that fans indicate and that can be carried out.
- Ratings and rankings

Who we are:
Our studio is made up of people who are enthusiastic about classic strategy games such as Risk, Civilization, Shogun, Ages of Empire and so many others that have made us have a great time throughout all these years.
The challenge of the studio is to entertain our players through fun mechanics, but at the same time as deep as possible.
We hope to achieve this and that you will accompany us throughout the sands of time.
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