Guide, Checklist - AC Odyssey

Guide, Checklist - AC Odyssey version history

‹ General Info
Version 1.0.7 (2 variants)
Updated 3 years ago
Version 1.0.3
Updated 3 years ago
Changelog Minor improvements and bug fixes
Version 3.1.0
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog 1. Added AC Valhalla x AC Odyssey crossover content
2. Added search feature
3. Added support for Android 12
4. Improved check-off and reset menus
5. Added missing gear
6. Fixed various bugs
Version 3.0.0 (2 variants)
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog 1. Added choices and consequences guide for the DLC quests
2. Added missing armor and weapons
3. Improved the UI
4. Added more features in the settings
5. Fixed various bugs and improved performance
Version 2.5.1
Updated 2 years ago
Changelog Correcções de bugs
Version 2.5.0
Updated 2 years ago
Changelog 1. Reduced frequency of full screen ads
2. Added option to remove ads with in-app purchase
3. Achievements are now sorted by name so that they are easier to find
4. Minor bug fixes and improvements
Version 1.0.8
Updated 3 years ago