3C App Manager

3C App Manager version history

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Version 0.8
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog Fix missing text in translation screen
Version 1.2.4a (7 variants)
Updated 1 month ago
Changelog Fix xposed module partially not working on Android 11+
Version 1.2.3 (5 variants)
Updated 1 month ago
Changelog Improve backup of data containing soft-links
Version 0.6
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog Improve 3C Companion stability
Version 1.2.2 (8 variants)
Updated 2 months ago
Changelog Add ability to select or sort backupable data apps when using 3C Companion
Because of very low support (dropped 70% in 3 months), ads are back (unless previously removed)
Version 1.2.0c (12 variants)
Updated 3 months ago
Changelog Removes WiFi backup scheduling on non-rooted devices
Add external data backup if /sdcard or /Android folder content is authorized
App's manager apps and backups tab have both search and filter buttons in action bar
Version 1.1.9a (13 variants)
Updated 4 months ago
Changelog Fix slow cache update when using external storage or non rooted device
Version 0.5
Updated 1 year ago
Changelog First public version
Version 1.1.8 (12 variants)
Updated 5 months ago
Changelog Fix Wi-Fi scheduled backup not performed
Version 1.1.6c (6 variants)
Updated 6 months ago
Changelog Add INTERNET permission to allow use of 3C Companion
Improve backup handling on non rooted devices, possibly using 3C Companion
Improve cache cleaning on non rooted devices by requesting draw over other apps permission